Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yesterday sucked, too

Woke up around 7:30AM, wife called at 7:45ish to tell me to come in immediately: Otto was hurt pretty bad. Pictured his nose hanging by a thread of meat. Left right away, diverted to Hanky's, snubbed Eben, got there and it wasn't so bad. A few phone calls later she was enroute to East Penn with Otto. She stopped at home (where the keys were), came back without him or keys - he'd have to stay for a general to get his nose sewed up.
Ran out to Pagan's to assist Kati but the keys were at the house, so left a note and made a few more calls. Can't remember much of the next few hours, but at some point Miss left to pick up Otto and again stopped at home (where all the keys still were). When she got back without the keys it was getting pretty late. Had to take Ari back, so loaded up Hanks, Scout, and Hannah and headed for home (keys). Was around 5PM when I was dropping Hanky off, so it must have been close to 6PM when I got back. Again, the next few hours are a blur, but I remember dropping Ari off at exactly 8PM, so I'm thinking Miss packed up the boarders and left when I got back to the building and I hung out for any pickups and did mops and stuff until I felt like taking Ari home. It must have been 8:45ish when I got home.
Otto's nose looked GOOD. REALLY good. Like "just a scratch" good. It was definitely split pretty deep when I saw it in the morning, but Miss said the swelling had opened it up pretty badly by the time she got to East Penn. EP even gave us a 10% "senior discount".

On the "plus" side:
Pagan is banished forever
Otto's people were awesome about the whole thing
Karen's covering the EP bill
We're throwing enough business to EP to merit a discount on all futures
The keys are back where they belong

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