Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New bus stops

Picked up Buster at 9AM. I need a pug. Went straight to Midnight's, got called enroute for Rox, showed up with all three.
Shortly after showing up, Miss proposed that she leave for a few hours to do stuff. When she was done, she'd come back and cover the evening classes and shutdown. She got held up with a new client eval until almost 11:30AM, and was gone. Returned around 4PM, and Midnight's people met her in reception before I saw her. Buddy and Max were already gone, Waldo, Scout, and Hannah would leave with me - leaving her Rox, Thor, and Buster. Updated some stuff on the computer and got my keys straightened out for tomorrow's pickups. While doing that, Chelsea showed up, George P showed up for an eval, I checked Buster out. Left around 5:30, bad traffic, stop at Mama Mia's, fed the hounds, and ate. I think that took me to 6:30-7PM. Talked Miss thru emailing the KC file to get a backup at home (works) and now I'm blogging. It's 8PM and she's probably close to shutting down and leaving herself.

George said he has some live Complaints reunion stuff on CD; he'll drop it off sometime this week - looking forward to that. Reminded me of being irked hearing Complaints blaring out of passing car window and not having any of it myself.

Yesterday I called an insulation company to see if any product exists that can be blown on the DC ceiling. Guy was supposed to call back today and never did.
Also called Lee at Circa - he's supposed to have something by Monday next week.
Talked to Vince at Verizon at length about phone book listing options; Jaz from Clipper showed up today to sell one region for $450.

I was supposed to get some free time this afternoon / evening to do stuff, but I don't feel like starting anything at this hour. I'm tired.

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