Friday, March 10, 2006


7:30 wake up
8:30 on the road
9:10 picked up Hanks and shuttled in
9:45 picked up Hayley and shuttled in
Mop and phone
11:30 out for errands: paid the rent; made deposit; got gas
12:00 walked Joppers with Katie
12:40 A-town tool
1:10 walked Boz and Georgia
2:00 picked up lunch and saw Nedra and Shugar at McD's
2:15 returned and ate lunch. Re-hung the North curtain, did mop buckets, scrubbed the blue floor
4-ish loaded up Hank and the boarders
4-ish - 7:00 mopped the walls, vac'd the main floor, checked out the d/c's, changed water
7:00 play date starts
9:00 play date winding down
9:20 shutdown and left
9:45 got home, ate
10:15+ sat around

good times

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