Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brokestuff Weekend

Last weekend, my table saw's elevating screw pin dropped out - can't raise or lower the blade until it's fixed which will be a real hassle. Undaunted, I went upstairs and turned on the Gamecube, which can no longer read any disks. Ok, I'll go online for a bit. My glorious laptop repair was apparently temporary - can't get it to power up. Took it all apart (again) and the power jack solder still looks good, so I'm now guessing it was the heat problem. Running out of stuff to do and now getting really annoyed, I went upstairs to the office, where the light was burned out. Took the cover off the ceiling fixture and it fell apart. Put that back together and tried to hold perfectly still for a while. Strapped on the Telecaster thru the POD, naturally the headphones didn't want to work consistently. Played a bit in spite of this until, of course, I broke a string. That was my cue to go to bed.
No major problems at WoofWorld - seemed like a pretty mellow week. So mellow that I was able to go home and do some accounting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't do much bill paying without realizing that we're bleeding cash.
Resolved to get out and sell, and implement an austerity program: we downgraded our cable, cancelled our dial-up account, and disconnected the land line at home. Called Erie and up'ed our deductibles, dropped collision and comp on the van. The very next day PP&L called and said they'd been charging us the wrong rate for electricity since we transferred to WW. We now have an $800-ish credit (and a $500-ish check is in the mail) and we figure our electric bill will be around $100/month less from here on out. Miss is cooking for about a month today (limiting the eating out). Pretty cool that within a day of deciding we need to save money, we ended up saving a couple hundred a month. Life without the Daily Show and Colbert will be tough, but I seem to be falling asleep before it comes on anyway.
Down at WW today to install the cabinet and try to tire out the boarders a bit.

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