Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brokestuff Weekend

Last weekend, my table saw's elevating screw pin dropped out - can't raise or lower the blade until it's fixed which will be a real hassle. Undaunted, I went upstairs and turned on the Gamecube, which can no longer read any disks. Ok, I'll go online for a bit. My glorious laptop repair was apparently temporary - can't get it to power up. Took it all apart (again) and the power jack solder still looks good, so I'm now guessing it was the heat problem. Running out of stuff to do and now getting really annoyed, I went upstairs to the office, where the light was burned out. Took the cover off the ceiling fixture and it fell apart. Put that back together and tried to hold perfectly still for a while. Strapped on the Telecaster thru the POD, naturally the headphones didn't want to work consistently. Played a bit in spite of this until, of course, I broke a string. That was my cue to go to bed.
No major problems at WoofWorld - seemed like a pretty mellow week. So mellow that I was able to go home and do some accounting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't do much bill paying without realizing that we're bleeding cash.
Resolved to get out and sell, and implement an austerity program: we downgraded our cable, cancelled our dial-up account, and disconnected the land line at home. Called Erie and up'ed our deductibles, dropped collision and comp on the van. The very next day PP&L called and said they'd been charging us the wrong rate for electricity since we transferred to WW. We now have an $800-ish credit (and a $500-ish check is in the mail) and we figure our electric bill will be around $100/month less from here on out. Miss is cooking for about a month today (limiting the eating out). Pretty cool that within a day of deciding we need to save money, we ended up saving a couple hundred a month. Life without the Daily Show and Colbert will be tough, but I seem to be falling asleep before it comes on anyway.
Down at WW today to install the cabinet and try to tire out the boarders a bit.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hell week ends

Wednesday Waldo locked Miss out of the car with it running a few minutes before opening. She'd stopped to put one of the signs back up (an almost daily happening, unbeknownst to me). I woke up to the phone ringing around 6:45AM and was out the door within a few minutes with the spare key.
Lots of pickups that day (I think I counted 23 this week) - long story short, I spent about 4 hours driving and hosted training until about 8:30PM that night - got home a little after 9PM. A very long day, started without even brushing my teeth. Especially bad on top of the stress of Monday.

Thursday was relatively easy by comparison - low headcount, good players, not so much driving, no training or players. I think I left by 7:20PM or so but had 3 drop-offs to make: Buster, Hayley (last minute), and Jack - I remember dropping Buster off last around 8:30PM. I want a Pug.

Today we had 3 volunteers which allowed erecting the new signs and precious little else. The problem with "help" is that it makes more work initially. By the time you're done investing the up-front time and you're about to reap the actual HELP, they move on. We'll see. Somewhat concerned about having customers accessing all the "behind-the-scenes" stuff, but I guess we shouldn't be looking gift horses..

Tomorrow AM starts with floor scrubbing and cleaning up for 2PM play, which will be especially annoying because we have 3 evals going and a few boarders to monitor during play. Also have two sits to do in the afternoon. Yummy.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New bus stops

Picked up Buster at 9AM. I need a pug. Went straight to Midnight's, got called enroute for Rox, showed up with all three.
Shortly after showing up, Miss proposed that she leave for a few hours to do stuff. When she was done, she'd come back and cover the evening classes and shutdown. She got held up with a new client eval until almost 11:30AM, and was gone. Returned around 4PM, and Midnight's people met her in reception before I saw her. Buddy and Max were already gone, Waldo, Scout, and Hannah would leave with me - leaving her Rox, Thor, and Buster. Updated some stuff on the computer and got my keys straightened out for tomorrow's pickups. While doing that, Chelsea showed up, George P showed up for an eval, I checked Buster out. Left around 5:30, bad traffic, stop at Mama Mia's, fed the hounds, and ate. I think that took me to 6:30-7PM. Talked Miss thru emailing the KC file to get a backup at home (works) and now I'm blogging. It's 8PM and she's probably close to shutting down and leaving herself.

George said he has some live Complaints reunion stuff on CD; he'll drop it off sometime this week - looking forward to that. Reminded me of being irked hearing Complaints blaring out of passing car window and not having any of it myself.

Yesterday I called an insulation company to see if any product exists that can be blown on the DC ceiling. Guy was supposed to call back today and never did.
Also called Lee at Circa - he's supposed to have something by Monday next week.
Talked to Vince at Verizon at length about phone book listing options; Jaz from Clipper showed up today to sell one region for $450.

I was supposed to get some free time this afternoon / evening to do stuff, but I don't feel like starting anything at this hour. I'm tired.

Yesterday sucked, too

Woke up around 7:30AM, wife called at 7:45ish to tell me to come in immediately: Otto was hurt pretty bad. Pictured his nose hanging by a thread of meat. Left right away, diverted to Hanky's, snubbed Eben, got there and it wasn't so bad. A few phone calls later she was enroute to East Penn with Otto. She stopped at home (where the keys were), came back without him or keys - he'd have to stay for a general to get his nose sewed up.
Ran out to Pagan's to assist Kati but the keys were at the house, so left a note and made a few more calls. Can't remember much of the next few hours, but at some point Miss left to pick up Otto and again stopped at home (where all the keys still were). When she got back without the keys it was getting pretty late. Had to take Ari back, so loaded up Hanks, Scout, and Hannah and headed for home (keys). Was around 5PM when I was dropping Hanky off, so it must have been close to 6PM when I got back. Again, the next few hours are a blur, but I remember dropping Ari off at exactly 8PM, so I'm thinking Miss packed up the boarders and left when I got back to the building and I hung out for any pickups and did mops and stuff until I felt like taking Ari home. It must have been 8:45ish when I got home.
Otto's nose looked GOOD. REALLY good. Like "just a scratch" good. It was definitely split pretty deep when I saw it in the morning, but Miss said the swelling had opened it up pretty badly by the time she got to East Penn. EP even gave us a 10% "senior discount".

On the "plus" side:
Pagan is banished forever
Otto's people were awesome about the whole thing
Karen's covering the EP bill
We're throwing enough business to EP to merit a discount on all futures
The keys are back where they belong

Friday, March 10, 2006


7:30 wake up
8:30 on the road
9:10 picked up Hanks and shuttled in
9:45 picked up Hayley and shuttled in
Mop and phone
11:30 out for errands: paid the rent; made deposit; got gas
12:00 walked Joppers with Katie
12:40 A-town tool
1:10 walked Boz and Georgia
2:00 picked up lunch and saw Nedra and Shugar at McD's
2:15 returned and ate lunch. Re-hung the North curtain, did mop buckets, scrubbed the blue floor
4-ish loaded up Hank and the boarders
4-ish - 7:00 mopped the walls, vac'd the main floor, checked out the d/c's, changed water
7:00 play date starts
9:00 play date winding down
9:20 shutdown and left
9:45 got home, ate
10:15+ sat around

good times