Saturday, May 30, 2009

More dry Leaser pics

This view is again, from the island, looking back towards the dam and what's left of the lake. If you click the pic to enlarge, you'll notice some specs down at the water hole: fishermen pulling out the stranded fish. To the right you can see the original water line.

Again from the island, this time looking back towards the left of the boat launch.

Some of the structure that was apparently submerged when the lake was originally dammed. The clump of trees in the background was the island.

The view down the boat launch, which now serves as a motorcycle launch.

KLR in the bottom of Leaser Lake

Taken about 10' below the waterline at the edge of (what used to be) the island. Across the "lake" in the break in the trees you can just make out the boat launch, which is blocked with boulders to prevent cars driving down.
The KLR is in the center of the pic on what looks to be an original (prior to the damn being built in the late 1960's) little culvert for one of the feeder streams.
Besides the old tires and home-made boat anchors strewn around the lake bed, there are a few field stone structures/ foundations: presumably farm buildings, again, from before the lake was first flooded in the late 60's.