Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Cell phone photo and I still got Bruced.

This is a movie theater in Phoenixville, PA, made famous in the movie "The Blob." The scene in which the blob attacks a movie theater was filmed here and apparently they routinely have "The Blob" screenings. Must be weird to watch a movie in which the monster attacks the actual movie theater you're watching the movie in.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Valve clearances

I hope to not see the Strom in this condition again (or at least often/ soon), so I took a few pics. Rear cylinder valve cover off.

Closer view of the rear cylinder's cams. The cam shaft gears face left on the rear cylinder.

... and right on the front cylinder.

With the tupperware, tank, and seat off, there's not much too this machine. After shimming the valves and buttoning the engine back up, I rode it with just the tank and seat for a few days (no plastics).

Weekend Strom Mods

Little plastic spacer and longer screws to tip the screen back. Didn't help much, if at all.

12V outlet on dash, SW motech bar risers (1.2"), SW motech mirror extenders, grip puppies, RAM mount for Nuvi GPS.

Another view of all that.

A shot of the 12V outlet in the panel. Note the red wire peeking out from just above and to the left of the clutch master cylinder. The wiring is tacked along the underside of the panel, and flips under the tank to follow the inside left frame rail back to the battery (thru an inline fuse). Surprisingly, nothing went wrong - a smooth install.


...Featuring the $3.00 manometer


Cell phone camera does not do justice to the beauty of this view. Somewhere near Boyertown.

Missy buying a Honda Fit

Saturday, June 06, 2009