Tuesday, May 02, 2006

As I thought

I wouldn't keep up with this very well. With the laptop and home ISP gone, the only place to come online is from the WW pc. Any unoccupied time at WW is spent trying to get the hell out of WW due to the massive number of hours I spend here.
No boarders tonight, no training tonight. Today will suck, tho: a rowdy crowd, boarding pickup, complicated check-outs (we sent out coupons), an afternoon eval, and I'm supposed to meet with Kathleen at 4PM- but will likely re-schedule.

Got another GC after 2 seperate trips to EBG, so now I've been playing too much too late and I've been really beat for the past few days. Also from brokestuff w/e: managed to fix my TS with little fuss and re-arranged the shop a little. Seems like I have a lot more room now at the expense of some infeed and outfeed concessions. Time, and a lot of it since I don't get down there much anymore, will tell..

The fence guy never faxed us a quote.

Everyone is being pretty quiet on the DC floor as I'm out front typing this. I guess I won't squander the nap time.

Brian didn't show up for Sat nights' game. As usual, I was a bit frustrated with lacking or misunderstood information but also as usual, it was awesome. Kent has threatened me with a roadtrip to the hand tool guy in PA featured in FWW. Shop time is dearly missed.

Beginning to feelings of dread regarding the a/c situation at WW. It's going to get HOT. We've been catching a break the past couple of weeks with nights cold enough to cool it off and days temperate enough to not warm it back up. We still get north of 70deg when it's nice outside. I suspect the lights and bodies are enough to dump heat in there all day to account for this. We can passively vent the roof again (sealed for winter) but passive is passive. This is gonna suck.