Monday, July 09, 2012

12V dash install

Ubiquitous 12V marine outlet, wires soldered and shrink-wrapped to terminals

The candidate area masking taped.


Drill holes around periphery

Connect the dots

File (right center of pic) to line, check fit often.

 Drop it in, thread the nut on the back

 The money shot.

One way to terminate at the battery.


Boulder field, Hickory Run State Park.

I was thwarted on a prior Boulder Field attempt by a closed road; and I was GPS-crewed on Hell Hollow Rd on Super Adv day 1.  One via the other on a morning weekend ride.
A pile of rocks doesn't seem like a very big deal, but it was pretty impressive standing there.
Long stretches of dirt/ gravel lead to and from the field from the paved road.  Hell Hollow was ruttier than I expected - I think I bottomed the rear a time or two.
Camelbak prevents dehydration, if tasting a little rubbery in the process.