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Trexler Game Preserve

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Darby Free Library

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Micro ADV leg one

Trip approval 8AM.

After a stop at Kent's, Don and Barb's, and Melinda's (including an accidental loop from Doylestown back to Quakertown), I headed north on the turnpike - where at speed, my right side mirror worked its way loose.
At a gas stop just north of Hazleton at 93 and 81, I consulted the map and found 239, which seemed to be a nice twisty relatively direct route to Muncy.  239 winds thru farmlands in the shadow of the Berwick nuke plant.
Arrived at Grizzly in Muncy to find the tent sale over and not long before closing.  A guy approached me in the parking lot about the Vee, which led to a chat about the metric wrenches inside (I couldn't find them), and Renovo, which, according to this helpful stranger had a place called "Yesterday's", with good food and cheap rooms.  With about an hour of daylight left, and new wrenches and a secure mirror, I headed west.
Arrived in Renovo in the dark.  GPS found "Yesterday's," but thought it was in a residential area.  After looping around a block which did NOT contain a hotel, I kept heading west in the dark figuring I'd find something eventually.  Happily, at the edge of town, right on the main road, was "Yesterday's."
Room 214 booked for $50.
Unloaded the bike, changed, and headed to the restaurant for some chicken parm.  Tired and head-achey, I went to the room and fell asleep watching TV.

Yesterday's Room 214

Retro (original) Room 214 bathroom

Vee in Yesterday's lot, Renovo

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Micro Adventure Leg 2

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Hellertown Democratic Club - won

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More taggin'
Blackman's - the drop
Homestead Tree Farm, Strohl's Valley Rd, off 209 near Beltzville Lake.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tag Drop: Topton, PA
Droppin' in Topton

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some old church

40*57' 53.54N 75* 45' 47.47W

Another ADV tag - won this one.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flaming Vee update

The plastic guard screw loosens, allowing the the guard to rotate into the pipe.
Here's where it should be - holding the brake line AWAY from the pipe.

A cooked brake line.

... and a dumped bike.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On fire.... again @#$%^!!!

Last fall, "moto weekend" (a planned trip to Skyline Drive thru Virginia) survived a last minute riding partner bail-out and dark skies and light rain. I lost the back brake an hour from home near Reading, PA. Still undaunted, I called work and had Steph google me the closest Suzuki dealerships and entered them in my GPS. Limping in to a dealer near Hamburg, PA, I finally conceded defeat and headed home. They didn't have parts in stock anyway.

Today while riding around Boyertown/ Pottstown, I was trying to find a big dealership (can't remember the name, but I know I'd been there). Sure enough, there in my GPS are two Suzuki moto dealers, so I plotted a course and headed for the first one. When I hit rt222, I knew I plotted the wrong one, but I was only a few miles from Hamburg, so I pushed on. Back brakes died pulling into the first one, which was "closed for business." Onward to the second dealer - I limped into that same dealership from last fall with no back brake at all. Curious as to where the leak was, I pushed the pedal, heard a squirt, and caught the bike on fire.

Apparently the back brake line is perilously close to the rear pipe, and the leak directed fluid right onto it, which somehow caught a plastic guide on fire.
Hurried into the dealership to ask for a bucket of water because my bike was on fire out front. After what seemed like FAR too long given the circumstance, the dealer guy reappeared with a bucket, which did the job.

Needless to say, they don't stock the part.

I disconnected the pedal to avoid more squirting and zip-tied the burst line to the frame away from the hot rear cylinder exhaust pipe. With a strange sense of deja vu, I rode home from the Suzuki dealer in Hamburg with no back brakes and screwed up riding plans.

Stainless steel Galfer lines on order from Blackman's.

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Fitzer's Reading Ride video

The last hurray for the Dunlop D607. Still some snow on the ground.

3/9/10. I think the scratchy dialogue at the beginning is:

Steve: "you suck."
Fitzer: "uhhnnn."

Don't take pics with your throttle hand

The Vee scoots down 22W thru the LV.

Cliff in the rear view.

Cliff on the C50 - I think this is between Airport Rd and Fullerton Ave exits.

I'm guessing that's the new stuff on the south side of 22 right at the Airport Rd exit - can't make out the sign.

Cliff waiting to turn onto 512S.

I think it's the same spot as the last pic.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Assorted moto-type happnin's

Last Sunday, 3/7, rode to the Reading woodworking show with Kent. Sticking to the back roads for some enjoyment was probably a mistake - lots of cinders and gravel still out on the roads (especially the back roads, and especially in the curves) and my bald back tire was not wanting to hang on.

New tire ordered. Conti "Trail Attacks" are highly reviewed and won some German tire comparison for wet + dry traction and mileage. A new Dunlop D607 in 150/70 - 17 (a crappier tire) is $50 more than the TA.

Installed the 18T front (45T rear) such that I'm now approximating the golden 17/43 ratio. A few runs up and down the street confirm that it's a much happier bike. 17/41 (stock) was too tall, 17/45 was too short, hopefully 18/45 - 17/43 is the sweet spot.

21,000-ish mi.

Saturday, January 23, 2010



Fire Tower in Reading, PA. Another advrider tag, another Brucing. I saw a guy on an adv-type bike heading out on rt. 71 as I was heading in to tag. He gave me a weird hand signal that I didn't understand - like a "yahoo," finger circling in the air.

Turns out it was Cap, on his new BMW, who Bruced me. I later learned the hand signal meant "turn around - I already got it."