Monday, June 25, 2012

5/19/12 Cherry Springs... with NO moon

 It just wouldn't be Spring witthout a pic of my bike next to a tent.  Mark and I in Cherry Springs, again - this time strategically moon-timed.

Camp "Packs-a-lot"

I always marvel at how much crap can be lugged on a bike.

The gas station/ camp store a few miles up the road which provided ice and noodles.  Every gas station should look like this.

The stars were amazing - I was surprised how many satellites, meteors, and just general commotion is going on over our heads unnoticed.

On Sunday morning, we rode into Coudersport, PA for breakfast at a local diner, which was strangely empty.  There was a road crew there painting lines - maybe that scared the locals off.  Friendly peeps.

Rode home via 49 thru farmland to 15.  Lake Cowanesque is neat; Tioga and 15 is georgeous.  

The gas station in Lawrence, PA doesn't have potable water due to fracking.  The sign on the men's room door even cautioned against washing your face with it due to "high salt content."  Not being able to get water is a drag when you're riding all day in heat.

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