Sunday, September 26, 2010

Micro ADV leg one

Trip approval 8AM.

After a stop at Kent's, Don and Barb's, and Melinda's (including an accidental loop from Doylestown back to Quakertown), I headed north on the turnpike - where at speed, my right side mirror worked its way loose.
At a gas stop just north of Hazleton at 93 and 81, I consulted the map and found 239, which seemed to be a nice twisty relatively direct route to Muncy.  239 winds thru farmlands in the shadow of the Berwick nuke plant.
Arrived at Grizzly in Muncy to find the tent sale over and not long before closing.  A guy approached me in the parking lot about the Vee, which led to a chat about the metric wrenches inside (I couldn't find them), and Renovo, which, according to this helpful stranger had a place called "Yesterday's", with good food and cheap rooms.  With about an hour of daylight left, and new wrenches and a secure mirror, I headed west.
Arrived in Renovo in the dark.  GPS found "Yesterday's," but thought it was in a residential area.  After looping around a block which did NOT contain a hotel, I kept heading west in the dark figuring I'd find something eventually.  Happily, at the edge of town, right on the main road, was "Yesterday's."
Room 214 booked for $50.
Unloaded the bike, changed, and headed to the restaurant for some chicken parm.  Tired and head-achey, I went to the room and fell asleep watching TV.

Yesterday's Room 214

Retro (original) Room 214 bathroom

Vee in Yesterday's lot, Renovo

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