Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On fire.... again @#$%^!!!

Last fall, "moto weekend" (a planned trip to Skyline Drive thru Virginia) survived a last minute riding partner bail-out and dark skies and light rain. I lost the back brake an hour from home near Reading, PA. Still undaunted, I called work and had Steph google me the closest Suzuki dealerships and entered them in my GPS. Limping in to a dealer near Hamburg, PA, I finally conceded defeat and headed home. They didn't have parts in stock anyway.

Today while riding around Boyertown/ Pottstown, I was trying to find a big dealership (can't remember the name, but I know I'd been there). Sure enough, there in my GPS are two Suzuki moto dealers, so I plotted a course and headed for the first one. When I hit rt222, I knew I plotted the wrong one, but I was only a few miles from Hamburg, so I pushed on. Back brakes died pulling into the first one, which was "closed for business." Onward to the second dealer - I limped into that same dealership from last fall with no back brake at all. Curious as to where the leak was, I pushed the pedal, heard a squirt, and caught the bike on fire.

Apparently the back brake line is perilously close to the rear pipe, and the leak directed fluid right onto it, which somehow caught a plastic guide on fire.
Hurried into the dealership to ask for a bucket of water because my bike was on fire out front. After what seemed like FAR too long given the circumstance, the dealer guy reappeared with a bucket, which did the job.

Needless to say, they don't stock the part.

I disconnected the pedal to avoid more squirting and zip-tied the burst line to the frame away from the hot rear cylinder exhaust pipe. With a strange sense of deja vu, I rode home from the Suzuki dealer in Hamburg with no back brakes and screwed up riding plans.

Stainless steel Galfer lines on order from Blackman's.

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