Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kentventure, Centralia

A view of what used to be Centralia from the South hill face....

.... where the pavement ends.

On the facing ridge (to the northwest): the Centralia Wind Farm.

Fitzer tours the old Greek Orthodox cemetery.

The marker at 40"48' 00.00N 76"20' 36.00W

... Mr. Adventurepants in quiet contemplation. In the background what looks like a mountain is presumably mining spoil.

Railroad Avenue ends in a blockade, around which a motorcycle can be squeezed. This is as far as the FZ6R could go... silly little street bike. The Strom went a little further up the hill in the background before getting stuck, almost dropped, and turned around...

... to be admired in awe.

Supermoto Boy made it back to the barricade before I could get the camera out to capture a one-week old FZ6R with less than 200 miles on it riding this terrain.

Kent squeezes around barricade; the camera rightly decides the leaf is more interesting.

"Street bike," indeed.

The big Vee gets a photo op from the barricade...

... and is expertly piloted thru the breach in the obstacle.

Mad skills...

Taking motorcycles stupid places works up one's appetite. A random pizza shop in Ashland, PA, where they takes they's Nittany Lions for real-reals.


Anonymous said...

At last we resolve the question, "exactly what can an ADVENTURE bike do that a street bike can't?"

The answer is: get badly stuck 100 yards further down the trail.

steve said...

Badly stuck? It was extracted without droppage by the rider alone, who never even dismounted.

For you street bike-types: extracting a "badly stuck" adv bike involves one or more of the following:

1. assistance pushing/ pulling
2. a tow strap and/or winch
3. a shovel or entrenching tool
4. improvisation with native materials (branches, grass, vines, etc.).