Saturday, August 15, 2009

Waymart - Bruced by 60 seconds.

After the Waymart, PA wind farm tag sat for 4 or 5 days, I decided to head out and get it. I posted to the ADV thread at 8:27am, rode 200-ish miles, then got home to post this Bruce shot at 2:09pm. The guy who got the tag posted it at... 8:27am.

Had I left 60 seconds later, I would have saved myself the trip - but missed out on a nice ride.

After studying the tag photo, finding it in google maps and then google Earth, it was actually kind of neat to approach this one and see it in person. So many things in the photos don't make sense until you see them in person.

The last post (Google Earth) is a satellite photo of this location, a few hundred feet above the bike. If you look at it and this one, you can see the red-roofed barns, the trail on which the windmills lie, the smokestack from Waymart SCI prison, etc.

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shadow woman said...

Cool images!