Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 AIM Expo

Having the best wife in the world means you get to drag her around a motorcycle show all day.

Parking sucked, and long line for the shuttle saw us walking a mile to the show.  Once there it was moto (dealer) heaven.

All the big retailers had a booth showing the stuff in their catalogues (Givi, Twisted Throttle, etc), and all the bike manufacturers (well, BMW, and the big Japanese co's, anyway), had a bunch of floorspace dedicated to their product line.  There was a surprising number of nearly nameless Chinese companies showing off their machined aftermarket wares, and a short list of interesting vendors from whom you could actually BUY something (I learned that the show is aimed at the industry - dealers are there to get courted and make buying decision).

I drooled over a bunch of "bikes of interest", and spent a long time salivating at the Yamaha booth over the bike... that I already own.  It was a great feeling: going to a show where you can crawl all over everything made and come to realize that the bike you already own is STILL the one you'd pick.

I didn't see the 2016 yellow at the show, but saw pics of it at the show online.  Not sure how this is so, but it was.  Yamaha had a cut-away parallel twin there, which I took lots of pics of... none of which came out well due to a combination of glare and excited, shaking, hands.

I checked out the Pro Motion booth (nice bead breakers and tire tools), bought some Butler maps, and picked up a nice mini 12V compressor.  I fiddled with the Givi Trekker luggage for a long time, looked hard for tank bags and waterproof bags.  I talked to the Mitas rep about the E07's.  We had lunch.  Just before leaving, we circled back thru the first aisle where I'd seen skid plates.  As fate would have it, they had exactly one ACD skid plate for the 2014+ Super Tenere, and were anxious to give me a discount.  The best wife in the world wouldn't let me leave without it, so I didn't.

I'm glad to have seen the show, but not sure I'd do it again...  unless I were shopping for some specific.

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