Thursday, October 09, 2014

TOTD, Day 7

I was up early enough to get to McD's for a coffee, poach some Wifi, and still get to Romney Cycle before they opened.

There was some group ride forming up - a cruiser thing, it seemed.   I sat on a bench outside the entrance until someone unlocked the front door a few minutes before 9AM.  Finally...
Within a few feet of the front door was my new motorcycle, except someone had already bought it.

I talked to George - he answered my many questions about the Super T, model years, buying out of state, etc.  Volume allows Romney to sell a brand new bike cheaper than local shops are selling 2-year old leftovers.  I shopped all the gear and accessories, I had a complementary donut and coffee, I waited for George to hook me up with service.
The last time I rode home from WV, I lost a stator and was stranded.  Having blown oil at highway revs, running a mix of whatever I bought at Dual Sport Touring and Walmart oil, and nearing 4k miles on all of it, a change seemed prudent.  I toyed with the idea of jerking around in a parking lot somewhere and decided if they could do it before the Koolwink check-out, they could... and they did.
With fresh oil and filter and having BTDT, I went back to Koolwink to load up the bike and headed home.
Back on the road, I let GPS take me to a few waypoints I'd programmed the night before.  I missed a turn and rolled into banjo music country - a very sad collection of mobile homes and a few impoverished-looking residents.  I felt grateful for my life.
Before long I was back at the same crossing I'd made last time I left WV.  This time I stopped for a pic:

I'd been told somewhere that this bridge had been totally destroyed by high water within the last few months.  It didn't seem so as I crossed it.  Up around the corner on the other side, a little tin cup on a stick was thrust out the window of the little brick toll house at me.  I paid a dollar and got 50 cents change.  Welcome to Maryland.

All that remained was a slog home, and it was fairly sloggy.  Again GPS earned its stripes and gave me a good mix of highways and back roads, hugging the Mason-Dixon line to all the way to Greencastle, where I passed by Keystone RV from where we'd bought our camper.  My only ADV-ish goal on the way home was to ride rt 233 thru Michaux SF.  Hilly farm country brought me to a convenience store in Fayetteville where I gassed up and fortified with some M&M's.
Soon I was blipping thru Michaux.  Slow traffic in front and development along rt 233 made for a less-than-memorable ride.  I routed around a bit before giving in and getting on rt 81 to get east of Harrisburg.
More traffic, buffeting, the terrible road, and the early hour sent me off the slab to bring rt 895 most of the way home.

2150-ish miles, 7 days, 6 nights.

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