Sunday, June 15, 2014

WVSADVWE Epilogue: the ride of shame

The Saturday after Labor Day weekend, I was once again at Hermey's in Port Clinton, PA.  This time, tho, on 6 wheels instead of two.

It being a perfect Saturday afternoon, Hermey's was crowded, so I had lots of 'waiting' time to fill.  With a broken, 2.5 year old, underpowered, buffety bike that had just stranded me, I began to seriously talk myself into a BMW.  Brand new was out of the question, but a trade had just come in '10 minutes ago'.   A 2009 with 20k miles in nice shape. Price unknown, even to the dealership.  They're quick to offer a test ride.  On a bike so recently traded, I asked if it's been looked over.  Are the tires inflated?  Are you sure the brakes work?  I'm assured all is in order, the bike has been gone over prior to trade.

...And another test ride.  The GS is a great bike, I guess.  I mean, I know it's a great bike.  Why doesn't this thing blow my socks off? 
It certainly takes you around quickly, effortlessly, and without worry or drama.  A big part of that is the tech, the build, the design... you have paralever, an automatic suspension, ABS, traction control, and riding modes.  You have a telelever, linked brakes, and great stopping power.  You have a torquey engine that's easy to control.  You can wail down the highway at 90mph all day like it's nothing.  This thing is amazing, and yet, I'm always IMPRESSED, but I'm never INSPIRED.   It feels too automatic or something.  I think this is my issue, not the bike's.  I think I'm old and jaded and have crossed over from 'hard to impress' to 'impossible to impress.'  It's a pleasure to ride this thing.. it's just not a 'thrill' - the bike is never straining or struggling, or bouncing or stepping out, or doing anything a sophisticated, mature German citizen shouldn't be properly doing.

...but wait, it just stalled.   And it doesn't want to start.  And at the next light near Cabelas, a mile or two from Hermey's, it's dead.
On a strange, used, bike, it takes a few minutes to deduce that you're out of gas!!  My very first bike ride since having to have the VStrom towed has ended in... needing a tow.
I called the shop, and Herm once again came out with the trailer, this time with gas.  He was terribly sorry, I was just amused by the whole business, the back-to-back rescues, and the fact that I had specifically asked if anyone checked that the thing was ready to be ridden.

And despite all that, I'd spend days trying to figure out financing, get spousal approval, plan how to dump the Wee, and announce to all who would listen that this was my new bike.  I got distracted by the Wee repairs long enough to realize the perfect storm assaulting our finances.  This will have to wait a few more months, at least.

But in the meantime, 4 days and $44 dollars later, the Glee finally completes the WV trip in shame.

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