Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A new pair of shoes

Exhaustive internet research abandoned.  I'll take the cheap ones:

 Instructions say the red dot goes adjacent to the valve stem.  Not obvious: these are TL (tubeless), there are also TT (tube types) available (not sure if the TT's are available in this size).  A tube will work in a TL, but TT won't run without a tube.. I think.  Also, there was an (earlier?) bias version of these - note old stock.

Several hours of wheel removal, bead breaking, spooning off, spooning on, and re-mounting wheels. The stockers had 9160 miles on them.

The initial ride is terrifying: they track road defects, fall into turns, and go where they want to go.  Like riding on an iron bridge everywhere you go.  Leaned over, they're on rails.  Wonky handling supposedly improves after a few hundred miles.  I know just the thing... we're out of maple syrup.

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