Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another "last day of the season"

"Toll bridge ahead?? No problem, I have the EZ Pass."
The toll collector guy pictured there said I was in the "cash only" lane.
Dingman's Bridge, on Dingman's Turnpike, in Dingman's Ferry, PA. The bridge has a wooden roadway.

On the NJ side of the Gap, about 20 minutes South of Dingman's Bridge on Old Mine Road, passing motorcyclists were giving me the "slow down" hand gesture. Around the next curve, some hippies had stopped their car in the middle of the road to take pictures of this guy (or girl, maybe). He (or she) was only about 30' back off the road, and seemed content to pose for pics: sniffing, rolling around, pawing at the ground. One of the hippies had a tripod and a zoom lens about 2' long - bet he (or she) got some good pics.

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