Saturday, April 18, 2009


The old man is probably dead, but the junk yard is still there right on rt309 just south of Hazleburg.

The "Green House." It's still green, even. There was a church (or a Catholic school maybe) in the empty lot between the alley where the pic was taken and the house. there were some townies on the porch - maybe students.

I think this was the "White House." Taken from the back of the property (the parking area). There's a church on one side, some brick building on the other, and a gas station directly across the street. A pile of rubble now.

Slightly different view showing the church.

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Josh said...

Holy cow! It's like seeing my grade school as a pile of rubble. Times, they are a....nevermind. That was a really cool junkyard. Remember the old, black Mercedes in there? Reminds me of how hard I had to work at not applying myself to my studies.

I'm glad the scorch marks are gone from the Green House lot.